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Forensic Odontology An Essential Guide

Author: Catherine Adams, Romina Carabott, Sam Evans

Year: 2014

Title: Forensic Odontology: An Essential Guide (ISBN: 978-1118526163)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons  

Manual of Forensic Odontology

Author: Bell G.  Bowers M. (ed)

Year: 1995

Title: Manual of Forensic Odontology (ISBN: 978-0965022354)

Publisher: Forensic Pr; 3rd edition


Author: Sue Black (ed), G. Sunderland, L. Hackman, X. Mallett

Year: 2011

Title: Disaster Victim Identification: Experience and Practice (Global Perspectives on Disaster Victim Identification) (ISBN: 978-1420094121)

Publisher: CRC Press (17 Jun 2011)

FO and Age Belkin

Author:  Blenkin Matt

Year: 2009

Title: Forensic Odontology and Age Estimation: An introduction to concepts and methods (ISBN:  978-3639198782)

Publisher: VDM Verlag

Digital analysis of Bitemark evidence BowersJPG

Author:  Bowers M.  Johansen R.

Year: 2000

Title: Digital Analysis of Bite Mark Evidence (ISBN:  978-0967786605)

Publisher: Forensic Imaging Inst; 1 edition

Forensic Dental Evidence Bowers

Author: Bowers M.

Year: 2004

Title: Forensic Dental Evidence (ISBN: 0-12-121042-1)

Publisher: Elsevier, Academic Press

Cameron and Sims insideCAMERON & SIMS0001

Author: Cameron, J. M. & Sims, B. G.

Year: 1974

Title: Forensic Dentistry (ISBN: 0-443-01075 7)

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh and London

Practical Forensic Odontology

Author: Clark, D (ed).

Year: 1992

Title: Practical Forensic Odontology (ISBN: 0-7236-1511 X)

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

Craniofacial Identification in Forensic Medicine

Author: Clement J.G, Ranson D.L (eds)

Year: 1998

Title: Craniofacial Identification in Forensic Medicine (ISBN: 0-340-60759-9)

Publisher: Arnold

Computer-Graphic Facial Reconstruction

Author: Clement JG and Marks M (eds)

Year: 2005

Title: Computer Graphic Facial Reconstruction (ISBN: 0-12-473051-5)

Publisher: Elsevier Academic Press

Outline of foresic dentistry

Author: Cottone, J. A. & Standish, S. M. (eds)

Year: 1982

Title: Outline of Forensic Dentistry

Publisher: Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., Chicago

Bitermark Evidence Dorion










Author: Dorion, Robert B J (ed)

Year: 2005

Title: Bitemark Evidence (ISBN: 0-8247-5414-X)

Publisher: Marcel Dekker, New York


Foetal Osteology

Author: Fazekas I.Gy. & Kosa F.

Year: 1978

Title: Forensic Fetal Osteology (ISBN: 963-05 1491-5)

Publisher: Akademiai Kiado, Budapest

YAMAMOTO 1967 (english)0001 YAMAMOTO 1967 (english)0002

Author: Furuhata, R & Yamamote, K.

Year: 1967

Title: Forensic Odontology

Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield


Author: Gladfelter, I. A.

Year: 1975

Title: Dental Evidence. A Handbook for Police. (ISBN: 0-398-03323-4)

Publisher: C. C. Thomas Publishers, Springfield

Practical FO Glass

Author: Glass R Thomas

Year: 2009

Title: Practical Forensic Dentistry: Theory and practice of forensic dentistry (ISBN: 978-3639171099)

Publisher: VDM Verlag; 1 edition

Forensic Odontology 002 GUSTAFSON 19660001 GUSTAFSON 19660002

Author: Gustafson, G.

Year: 1966

Title: Forensic Odontology

Publisher: Staple Press, London

Dental ID and Forensic Investigation Harvey

Author: Harvey, W.

Year: 1976

Title: Dental Identification & Forensic Odontology (ISBN: 0-85313-786-2)

Publisher: Henry Kimpton Publishers, London

ASFO Manual of FO

Author:  Herschaft E.  (ed)

Year: 2011

Title: ASFO Manual of Forensic Odontology (4th Edition) (ISBN:  978-1466500563)

Publisher: American Society of Forensic Odontology

F Od Scope and History

Author: Hill, 1. R. et al.

Year: 1984

Title: Forensic Odontology. Its Scope and History (ISBN: 90-9000759-8)

Publisher: Academische Cooperatief s.v. Leuven, Belgium

Dental Anthropology

Author: Hillson, Simon.

Year: 1996

Title: Dental Anthropology (ISBN: 0-521-56439-5)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISCAN & HELMER 19930001 ISCAN & HELMER 19930002

Author: Iscan Y and Helmer R.

Year: 1993

Title: Forensic Analysis of the Skull (ISBN: 0-471-56078-2)

Publisher: Wiley – Lis Inc NY

JOHANSON 19710001










Author: Johanson G

Year: 1971

Title: Age determination from human teeth – Odontologisk Revy

Publisher: CWK Gleerup Lund

Person ID by the teeth2

Author: Keiser-Nielsen, S.

Year: 1980

Title: Person Identification by Means of the Teeth

Publisher: John Wright, Bristol

K-NIELSON 19920001 K-NIELSON 19920002

Author: Keiser-Nielsen, S.

Year: 1992

Title: Teeth that told. A section of cases in which teeth played a part

Publisher: Odense University Press, Odense

Handbook for Forensic Iddentification LuntzJPG

Author: Luntz, K L. & Luntz, P.

Year: 1973

Title: Handbook for Dental Identification. Techniques in Forensic Odontology (ISBN: 0-397-50315-6)

Publisher: J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia

Marques Bitemarks002











Author: Marques J, Galvao L and Da Silva

Year: 2013

Title: Bitemarks (ISBN: 978-85-7395-152-3)

Publisher: State University of Feira Santana, Brazil

SOPHER 19760001 SOPHER 19760002

Author: Sopher, I. M.

Year: 1976

Title: Forensic Dentistry. American Lecture Series. (ISBN: 9780398034740)

Publisher: C. C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield

Author: Standish, S. M. & Stimson, G. P. (eds)

Year: 1977

Title: Forensic Dentistry: Legal Obligations and Methods of Identification for the Practitioner

Publisher: The Dental Clinics of North America, W. B. Saunders co., Philadelphia

Rotzscher Forensic and legal dentistry











Author: Rötzscher Klaus

Published: 2013

Title: Forensic and Legal Dentistry (ISBN: 3319013297)

Publisher: Springer

Forensic Dentistry Senn and Stimpson

Author: , David R. Senn, Paul G. Stimson

Year: 2010

Title: Forensic Dentistry, Second Edition. (ISBN: 9781420078367)

Publisher: CRC PRESS


Forensic Dentistry Stimpson

Author: Stimson, Paul G. & Mertz, Curtis A.

Year: 1997

Title: Forensic Dentistry (ISBN: 0-8493-8103-7)

Publisher: CRC Press

Forensic Human Identification - an introduction

Author: Thompson, Tim & Black, Sue

Year: 2007

Title: Forensic Human Identification (an introduction) (ISBN: 0-8493-3954-5)

Publisher: CRC Press

Colour Atlas Whittaker and McDonald

Author: Whittaker, D. K. & MacDonald, D. G.

Year: 1989

Title: A Colour Atlas of Forensic Dentistry. (ISBN: 0-7234-0961-7)

Publisher: Wolfe Medical Publications Ltd, London.

Proceedings from Leuven WillemsJPG

Author: Willems, Guy

Year: 2000

Title: Forensic Odontology (proceedings of the European IOFOS millennium meeting, Leuven, Belgium) (ISBN: 90-5867-051 1)

Publisher: Leuven University Press


Other Languages


LArt-Dentaire-en-Medicine-Legale  Oscar Amoedo

Author: Amoedo, 0.

Year: 1898

Title: L’Art Dentaire en Medicine Legal.

Publisher: Masson et Cie, Paris

Description: In French

AMOEDO German Trans 1900









Author: Amoedo, 0.

Year: 1900

Title: Die Zahnheilkunde in der Gerichlichen Medizin.

Publisher: Arthur Felix, Leipzig

Description: In German

AQUILES (spanish)0001 AQUILES (spanish)0002

Author: Aquiles Echeverri M

Year: 1980

Title: La Odontoscopia como ciencia auxiliary de la justicia .

Publisher: Editorial Difusión (originally from the University of Texas),

Description: In Spanish (Columbia)


Author: Bohne, G., Euler, H. & Venter, R.

Year: 1956

Title: Forensische Zahnheilkunde

Publisher: Johann Ambrosius Barth, Munchen Description:

In German

Author: Endris, R.

Year: 1982

Title: Forensische Katastrophenmedizin.

Publisher: Kriminalistik Verlag, Heidelberg

Description: In German

ENDRIS (german) 19790001 ENDRIS (german) 19790002

Author: Endris, R.

Year: 1979

Title: Praktische Forensische Odonto-Stomatologie.

Publisher: Kriminalistik Verlag, Heidelberg

Description: In German

Author: Fiala, B.

Year: 1968

Title: Identlfikace Osob Podle Chrupu (Forensni Stomatologie) Statni Zdravotnick’e

Publisher: Nakladatelstvi, Praha Description: In Czech

Author: Gustafson, G.

Year: 1971

Title: Rattsodontologi

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell, Stockholm

Description: In Swedish

Author: Gustafson. G.

Year: 1969

Title: Odonto-Stomatologie Medico-Legal

Publisher: ? , Bryssel

Description: In French

Author: Hunger, H. & Leopold, 0.

Year: 1978

Title: Identifikation

Publisher: Johan Ambrosius Bartn., Leipzig

Description: In German

Author: Keiser-Nielsen, S.

Year: 1992

Title: Vis mig dine taender og jeg skal sige dig, hvem du er

Publisher: Odense universitetsforlag, Odense

Description: In Danish

Author: Kullman, L.

Year: 1991

Title: Nar tanderna loser gatan

Publisher: LIC Forlag, Stockholm

Description: In Swedish

PILZ (german) 19800001 PILZ (german) 19800002

Author: Pilz W.

Year: 1980

Title: Gerichtliche Medizin fur Stomatologen

Publisher: Johann Ambrosius Barth

Description: In German

YERMYLAN ET AL (dutch)0001 YERMYLAN ET AL (dutch)0002

Author: Vermylen, Y. et al.

Year: 1980

Title: Gerechtelijke Tandheelkunde

Publisher: Vermylen

Description: In Dutch

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