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Code of Conduct


The British Association for Forensic Odontology (BAFO) is established as the representative and recognizing body for forensic odontology in the UK.
BAFO members as individuals, and in any related corporate capacity, have a responsibility to ensure that their duties are discharged in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards.
The following Code of Conduct is to be endorsed and adhered to by all members of BAFO:


Members should not accept any obligations which might influence them in the performance of their professional duties.
It is the responsibility of BAFO members to remain impartial and assist in the administration of justice involving any dental evidence, irrespective of any personal considerations.
Members are accountable for their decisions and actions and must appreciate that their work may be subjected to scrutiny by both internal and external bodies.
Members are expected to be open and truthful in all of their professional work and endeavour to create trust in the minds of those with whom they have dealings.
Members will be expected to maintain contemporaneous competencies by continuous professional development. Coupled with this, experienced members should also be dedicated to developing those less experienced members within the Association.
Holders of office positions in the BAFO Committee should promote and support BAFO principles by leadership and good example.


Personal Behaviour
Members must display standards of behaviour concordant with their professional role within society and their privileged participation within the judicial system. Members should understand that their behaviour can directly influence the perception of others in the forensic odontological profession.
Members will in the course of their work be privy to confidential and sensitive material. Effective operation of the judicial system depends on these confidences being maintained. Members must not disclose confidential information without the consent of a person authorised to do so unless they are required to do so by law. Members should ensure that their behaviour does not jeopardise any legal proceedings with which they may be involved.
Media Exploitation
Members should ensure that any views or comments that they have regarding BAFO or its policies are well informed and factually correct. They should also ensure that a clear distinction is made between members’ personal opinions and BAFO policy/guidance. Any communication about BAFO’s work or policies (including internet publication) should normally be discussed with the Committee or President before a statement is made.
Equality and Diversity
Members must promote equality and diversity and treat others with respect at all times.

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