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Q: How do I become a member of BAFO? 
A: Follow the link marked join which will take you to the relevant section.

Q: If I join, will my name be added to the BAFO map of available Odontologists?
A: No. The inclusion of a name on the BAFO website is now via a process of mentoring and peer recognition, rather than by default. This is to try and ensure that the highest standards are maintained, as required by the criminal justice system and the Forensic Regulator.

Q: How do I find a Forensic Odontologist? 
A: Follow the link marked Forensic Odontologist list which will take you to the page where Odontologists are listed by region with full contact details. There is also a map with details of available Odontologists. Some members are either not in a position to, or have chosen not to carry out cases involving bite mark analysis. These will be shown as “ID only”, although they may also carry out other aspects of Forensic Odontology excluding bite mark cases.

Q: I am interested in Forensic Odontology as an elective, is it possible to “shadow” someone for a week or so? 
A: Unfortunately the subject is case dependent, which cannot be predicted. It is not a full time discipline. For this reason it is generally not possible to shadow an Odontologist – sorry.

Q: I am a dentist in a foreign country and wish to study Forensic Odontology in the UK, what should I do? 
A: You should look at the available courses by following the link marked courses and then contact the particular institution directly and not through BAFO. There is currently only one course of study in Forensic Odontology in the UK (at Dundee). BAFO is unable to assist with any visa applications.

Q: I am a DCP and understand I may be able to volunteer to assist in a mass disaster, what should I do next?
A: Due to unprecedented interest we have sufficient numbers and thus the application process is now closed – sorry.

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