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Historic Meetings (Pre 2014)

These are the meetings that appeared on the site prior to 2014



The BAFO Conference for 2013

will take place on the 8th and 9th Nov 2013.

The venue will be The Abode Hotel in Exeter.

Friday 8th November

2.00 – 4.00 –Presentations of research papers by recent MSc graduates and discussion 4.00pm – Coffee 4.30pm – AGM (BAFO members only)

Saturday 9th November

9.00 – 9.30 – Registration 9.30 – 10.30 – Anthropology / Crime Scene Recovery – Dr Julia Roberts 10.30 – 11.30 – Forensic Strategy for Body Repatriation – Mr Paul Cooper (Special Investigations Branch) 11.30 – 12.00 – Coffee 12.00 – 1.00 – New Zealand – An Unexpected Journey – Dr Judy Hinchliffe / Dr John Rutherford 1.00 – 2.00 – Lunch 2.00 – 3.00 – Radiology of Child Abuse – Dr Alan Sprigg 3.00 – 3.45 – The Innocence Project – Mr David Barr 3.45 – 4.15 – Tea 4.15 – 5.00 – Injuries and Bite Marks – Dr Ron Foden 6.45pm – Pre-dinner drinks 7.45pm – Gala dinner (Black Tie)


Trilogy of Forensic events March 2013 

Following on from the successful inaugural DVI forum in June 2012, Euroscicon are organizing a trilogy of Forensic events

They will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th March 2013. The venue will be The Royal College of Pathologists, London.

Crime scene investigationMonday 11th March 2013

Disaster Victim Identification Tuesday 12th March 2013

Mass grave victim identificationWednesday 13th March 2013

BAFO members are eligible to use the Concession rate, representing a substantial saving.


26th Annual Forensic Anthropology Course – Formerly the AFIP Forensic Anthropology Course June 2013

Baltimore, Maryland USA Monday June 3, 2013 – Friday, June 7, 2013. Details: here

IOFOS Conference August 2013

IOFOS will be holding their annual Conference on August 29-31, 2013 at The Faculty of Medicine of University of Firenze (Florence).

See here 



BAHID Autumn Conference (8-9 December 2012)

The second BAHID conference of 2012 will take place on 8-9 December at Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre in Manchester. On this occasion they have chosen to have a general conference on all matters relating to human identification to attract practitioners from a wide range of disciplines. In particular they would like to encourage the presentation of dissertation research projects or case studies where the application of recent new techniques may aid or has assisted in successful resolution of the identification process. Due to the success of the previous conferences, a similar format has been chosen for the upcoming mini-conference. A welcome reception will be organised on Friday evening, 7th December. The Saturday will consist of a keynote address, invited papers, general paper sessions and poster presentations. The British Association for Forensic Anthropology (BAFA) will host a meeting on Sunday 9th December. Talks and workshops will be organised for this meeting and the awarded CPD points may be used towards professional accreditation as a forensic anthropologist. The conference is aimed at participants with an interest in human identification, including the police and associated investigative services, scenes of crime officers, legislators, policy makers, plus specialists and students from areas such as DNA profiling, stable isotope chemistry, latent prints, biometrics, forensic odontology, facial identification, podiatry, forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology.

N.B. The British Association for Forensic Anthropology (BAFA) will host a meeting on Sunday morning 9th December at the Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre in Manchester. Registration for the meeting is free. This will be an important meeting for BAFA as we will be discussing the mechanisms of accreditation, CPD, mentoring, guidelines, academic programmes and student development and so it is vital that everyone participates in the process of taking forensic anthropology forward to accreditation within the UK criminal justice system. For further details, please visit: or to register:

The BAFO Conference for 2012

will take place on the 9th and 10th Nov 2012. It will be held in Brighton. The venue will be The Grand. Their web site is here


Friday 9th November

2.00pm – 4.00pm: MSc dissertation/research presentations research proposals and discussion 4.00pm – Coffee 4.30pm – AGM

Saturday 10th November

09.00am – Adult vs. Child bite – Roland Kouble 09.30am – The bitemark match that went pear-shaped! – Jane Reece 09.50am – Non-routine bite mark cases – Douglas Sheasby 10.15am – Coffee 10.45am – Overview of distortion -Geoff Craig 11.30am -Photographic imaging – Sam Evans 12.00am -Poacher turned game keeper – Rupert Parsons/Andy Walker 12.30pm -Lunch

2.00pm -M5 crash Police incident response – Kevin Instance 2.45pm – M5 crash Odont response – John Robson 3.00pm -TRiM – Mel Oura 3.30pm -Coffee 3.45pm – An update on dimensional and colorimetric changes in heat affected teeth – Michael Sandholzer 4.15pm -Long-time dead – Nathan Brown 4.40pm -A sideways look at identification -Freddie Martin 6.45pm -Pre-dinner drinks 7.45pm -Gala dinner (Black Tie) Final timings may vary


25th Annual Forensic Anthropology Course – Formerly the AFIP Forensic Anthropology Course

Baltimore, Maryland USA June 11, 2012 – Friday, June 15, 2012. Details: here


9th International Course in Forensic Odontology / Personal Identification by Dental Methods

Oslo, Norway – 25th-30th June 2012  Details: here


Forum for Disaster Victim Identification

The Penridge Suite, 470 Bowes Road, London N11 1NL Friday 29 June 2012 This inaugural networking event will gather together experts in DVI to discuss current legislation and techniques involved in DVI Details: here


9th International Congress on Dental Law and Ethics

Leuven/Belgium – 22-24 August 2012 Details: here

BAFO Spring Conference 2012

The BAFO Spring Conference for 2012 will piggyback the first BAHID scientific conference of 2012 and will take place from 13-15 April at the University of Nottingham, with a welcome reception on Thursday evening 12 April. The conference is themed around “age estimation in the living”. The focus will be on recent scientific advances and case studies relating to methods, ethical and legal aspects of age estimation in the living. This conference is aimed at a wide range of practitioners with an interest in human identification, including the police and associated investigative services, legislators, border and asylum agencies, social services, policy makers, Crown Prosecution Service, and students and specialists from areas such as forensic odontology, DNA, forensic anthropology, facial identification, radiographers, clinical psychologists, forensic medical examiners and pathologists. Further details will be announced on the BAHID website

Course in Forensic Anthropology

Leuven, Belgium on Wednesday April 25th 2012. Application closing date April 14th 2012. Details: here

Advanced Forensic Imaging Course

To be held at the Maryland Office of Chief Medical Examiner Baltimore, Maryland USA May 9 – 11, 2012 CONTACT: Eleanor Thomas 900 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21223 Email:




BAFO Conference 2011

The BAFO Conference for 2011 will take place on the 11th and 12th Nov 2011. It will be held in YORK. The venue will be The Hilton. Their web site is here


Friday 11th November

(25 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions)

2.00pm -4.00pm -MSc dissertation/research presentations 4.00pm -Coffee 4.30pm –AGM

Saturday 12th November

(25 or 40 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions)

09.00am -Xanthe MALLETT – Brothers in arms 09.45am -Ron FODEN – A question of intent, GBH and ABH 10.15am -Coffee 10.45am – Roland KOUBLE – The Crossbow Cannibal 11.15am – Julia BEAUMONT – Migration using sequential dentine samples 11.45am – Tal SIMMONS – Decomposition and time since death 12.30pm – Lunch 2.00pm – Jason TUCKER – Loss of immunity for expert witnesses 2.45pm – Leigh EVANS – Distortion in bite marks 3.15pm – Coffee 3.45pm – Michael SANDHOLZER – The use of micro-CT in forensic odontology: Heat induced alterations of teeth and its consequences for the identification process 4.30pm – Graham RITCHIE – Self-inflicted bites 6.45pm – Pre-dinner drinks 7.45pm – Gala dinner (Black Tie) Final timings may vary


The British Association for Human Identification

will be holding its second scientific conference of the year in Manchester October 14-16th 2011 Details are HERE


The Australian Society of Forensic Odontology

will be holding a conference in Darwin, Northern Australia

October 15-17th 2011 Details are HERE


The New Zealand Society of Forensic Odontology

will be holding their 27th annual meeting in Wellington, New Zealand May 6-7th 2011 Details are HERE


The ABFO 47th Annual Forensic Identification and Emerging Technologies Lectures and Mini Workshops

will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) May 16-20th 2011 Details HERE


The first BAHID Conference for 2011

will be held in Manchester April 9th and 10th 2011 The subject is “The Missing” Details HERE 




The BAFO Autumn Conference for 2010

will be held in Stratford upon Avon on the 12th and 13th of November 2010. It will take place at the Menzies Welcombe Hotel Stratford Hotel link


Friday 12th November

(25 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions)

2.00pm – 4.00pm – MSc dissertation/research presentations 4.00pm – Tea 4.30pm – AGM (including presentations on the changes facing BAFO)

Saturday 13th November

(40 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions) 09.00am – Stephen Leadbeater, Forensic Pathologist – Is the autopsy dead 09.45am – Mr Steve Jary, APT – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 10.30am – Tea 11.00am – Marc Smith – Forensic photography 11.45am – DCI Mo Oliver-Experiences in deployment 12.30pm – Lunch 2.00pm – Dr Alistair Pike, Reader in Archaeological Sciences – Strontium in enamel 2.45pm – Neil Williams – An introduction to digital forensics 3.30pm – Tea 3.50pm – Prof Ian Wall – the FFLM 4 years on 4.35pm – Monica Yadava – – Dental Age Assessment: The 10 year threshold. The Age of Criminal Responsibility 6.45pm – Pre-dinner drinks 7.45pm – Gala dinner (Black Tie) Final timings may vary


The Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society

will be holding their biennial conference from 5th -10th September 2010 in Sydney Australia. Details are HERE


The International Association of Craniofacial Identification (I.A.C.I.)

has a meeting to be held in Chile between the 30th Aug and 3rd of September 2010 Details can be found HERE


The I.O.F.O.S.

meeting for 2010 will once again be held in Leuven (Belgium)on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2010, with a post-symposium workshop on “Dental age estimation” on the 4th Sept. Details can be found HERE


The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID)

is running a summer course in juvenile osteology at the University of Dundee in August this year (2010). This course consists of two (one week residential) stand alone modules in cranial and postcranial developmental osteology which may be taken in isolation or consecutively. 旵ranial Juvenile Osteology (2-6 August) 昉ostcranial Juvenile Osteology (9-13 August) Details are HERE


International Association for Identification (IAI)

will be holding their 95th International educational conference from 11th-17th July 2010 in Spokane, Washington (USA) Details are HERE


The American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO)

Are advertising the 19th Southwest Symposium on Forensic Dentistry from 7th -12th June 2010. Details are HERE


The New Zealand Society of Forensic Odontology (NZSFO)

will be holding their annual conference from 21st -22nd May 2010 in Wellington NZ. Details are HERE


The Royal Society of Medicine.

Are holding a meeting on 7th April 2010 The subject is: “Dicing with death: 5500 years of human dissection and the autopsy” Details can be found HERE


Mass Fatalities – Compliance and Guidance

There is a one day meeting for those interested in DVI, being run by Community Resilience. It will be in London (venue Commonwealth Club, Northumberland Ave.) on Tuesday 16th March 2010. BAFO members receive a � discount Details can be found HERE


The Forensic Aspects of Ancient Egypt

A study day presented by Joyce Filer, former dept. curator at the British Museum To be held in London on Sat. 20th Feb 2010 Details from Richard Barritt 07973 695 168 e-mail Details are here






Apex International Hotel 31-35 Grassmarket EDINBURGHHotel Website

This year BAFO is going north of the border, for its annual conference, to Edinburgh. The hotel is situated in the heart of the Grassmarket in the old town, an area where, in times long gone, the traders would set up their market and sell their produce. It was also one of the areas where they hanged the local miscreants!! The castle and high street, minutes away, can be accessed by some very steep stairs or a much kinder meandering road. Once on the high street, history abounds from every corner, from the castle at the top to the Queens residence, Holyrood Palace, at the bottom. There are countless places to explore in between: Mary Kings close, a time capsule of life during the plague buried under the streets; the 揷loses narrow passageways to amazing courtyards and buildings; the camera obscura the list goes on and on. Edinburgh hosts its Royal College of Surgeons with its fascinating Surgeons Hallmuseum, with enough interest a visit might possibly be arranged. There are many other museums and galleries throughout the city making it a destination eminently suitable for accompanying partners so please let the committee know if you would like an organised itinerary for non-delegates. The hotel is of modern contemporary design and has a small pool, gym and steam room. The evening meals will be held in the Heights restaurant that boasts a spectacular view of the floodlit castle that can be enjoyed inside (recommended in November) or on the balcony. Room upgrades (balcony, castle view) are available as is extending your stay if you would like to make more than just a weekend of the break. Please let us know early (prior to autumn booking form) if you are interested and we can check on availability and prices.

The provisional programme (as at Oct 09) is as follows:

Friday 13th November (25 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions) 2.00pm -Dr Judy Hinchcliffe – The Australian Bush Fires 2.30pm – Dr Roland Kouble – Identification using radiographic bone pattern comparison 3.00pm – Dr Sakher Alqahtani – Atlas of tooth formation – The London Atlas 3.30pm – Prof Graham Roberts “Appropriate Censoring of Stage H (Apex closed) for lower 3rd molars. A contribution to Dental Age Assessment at the 18 Year threshold.” 4.00pm – Tea 4.30pm -AGM (including presentations on the changes facing BAFO)

Saturday 14th November (40 minute presentations, 5 minutes for questions) 9.00am – Mr Angus Reith (Principal Depute Fiscal, Edinburgh) – The evolution, history, role and responsibilities of the procurator fiscal 9.45am – Prof Tony Busuttil – Medical and dental evidence in Scottish courts 10.30am -Tea 11.00am -Dr Howard Moody 揂n update in amino acid racemization. 11.45am – Prof John Clement – computerized facial mapping 12.30pm – Lunch 2.00pm – Prof Sue Black : Anatomy is dead – long live anatomy 2.45pm -Dr Caroline Wilkinson – The use of 3D computer technology in craniofacial analysis 3.00pm -Tea 3.30pm – Dr Xanth Mallett -All fingers and Thumbs: identification by hand morphology 4.15pm – Dr Helen Meadows – Vein mapping for forensic human identification 6.45pm – pre-dinner drinks 7.45pm -Gala dinner


The International Association of Forensic Radiographers Conference in Manchester (Sat. 12th Sept 09) Advances in Human Identification

Details are Here

N.B. Special BAFO members rate of negotiated. Quote “BAFO rate” on application

Everything you always wanted to ask about human teeth

16 – 17 Sept 2009

Biological Anthropology Research Centre, University of Bradford Contact Website for details.

The New Zealand Society of Forensic Dentistry 25th anniversary Conference in Wellington (NZ)

11-13 Sept 09

Details are Here

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