BAHID Summer Conference 2019

Management of cold cases does not rely only on valuable lessons and experiences learned historically. Innovative forensic techniques are continually applied and investigated in a bid to find new leads or establish links between cases previously thought to be unconnected. While the application of new techniques has led to successes and new leads for investigators, it has also led to discussions of the ethical implications of some of those techniques. This 3-day conference will host several practical workshops and presentations aimed at highlighting cold cases, and will also present new ground-breaking developments in forensic sciences in a continued bid to resolve open and future cases. The workshops will be held on Friday afternoon, covering topics such as fire investigation, assessing burnt human remains for DNA viability and a crime scene scenario. Saturday and Sunday will see experts from a wide range of disciplines invited to present on topics covering aspects of forensic sciences, cold/historical case experiences, innovative techniques and new insights which can help current and future investigators

Location: Fire Services College in Moreton-in-Marsh | Dates: 5-7-2019, 6-7-2019, 7-7-2019,

BAFO Annual Meeting 2019

The 2019 BAFO Annual Conference will be held in Sheffield on Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2019. This year accommodation is to be booked by the individual directly with the hotel, or an alternative hotel. Please click on the title above for more information including pricing.

Location: Sheffield | Dates: 15-11-2019, 16-11-2019, 17-11-2019,

AuSFO symposium (Oct) 2019

Details to follow

Location: Sydney, Australia | Dates: 24-10-2019, 25-10-2019, 26-10-2019,
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