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This page contains links to videos found on YouTube which have Forensic Odontology interest.

As with most things, there are the good, the bad and the ugly.


Official Aribex instructional video for the Nomad Pro 2 handheld x-ray system.

Instructions start at about the 2 minute mark.


An American triple murder case from 1993, comparing an injury to bites made by a turtle


The same case, with an interesting “layman’s” view (I believe)¬†of an injury and whether or not it is a bite mark and why.


Legal and forensic experts and an exoneree in the US discuss the unreliability of bite mark evidence and the strengths of DNA evidence.”


This case involves the use of teeth marks in chewing gum (starts at 14:24) as well as dental ageing and ID

When the decomposed body of a young girl is discovered, police have no clues to her identity. But days earlier, a stabbing victim told them she thought she might have witnessed a murder. Police think the cases might be related, and to prove it, turn to bug larvae found on the body and a surprise piece of evidence: a tiny wad of chewing gum found near the victim’s body. Originally aired as Season 5, Episode 11.

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