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IOFOS meeting Croatia Sept 2020 CANCELLED

Triennial IOFOS Congress of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology, with workshops has been cancelled until 2021


Program topics: Important dates
Education – Qualification Abstract submission opens February 1, 2020
Body identification Abstract submission deadline May 20, 2020
Age estimation Acceptance notice July 1, 2020
Mass disaster Early registration deadline July 10, 2020
Ethics/ Legal medicine Late registration deadline August 15, 2020
Malpractice / Neglience
Dental anthropology

There will be workshops as follows:

Cristiana Palmela Pereira & Ricardo Henrique Alves da Silva

University of Lisbon & University of Sao Paulo

1. Human Identification by Comparative Dental Analysis
in Disaster Victim Identification

Herman Bernitz

University of Pretoria

2. Bite mark analysis: understanding the concepts of 3D pattern
fit and addressing the realities of warping and distortion

Roberto Cameriere

University of Macherata

3. Age Estimation project

Marin Vodanović & Marko Subašić

University of Zagreb

4. Application of artificial intelligence in forensic dentistry

Jelena Dumančić & Ivana Savić Pavičin

University of Zagreb

5. ASUDAS scoring system – the application of tooth morphology
in ancestry estimation

Vilma Pinchi

University of Florence

6. How to write and publish articles in forensic odontology

Location:Dubrovnik, Croatia
Website:click here
Dates: 9-9-202010-9-202011-9-2020
Duration:3 days
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