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Disaster Victim Identification Course (Denmark) March 2020

Aim of the course:

To enable the dentist to participate in/perform a post-mortem dental examination

To enable the dentist to structure ante-mortem dental records according to the needs in relation to an identification

To enable the dentist to participate in the comparison of ante- and post-mortem dental data and in the establishment of a dental identity.

To provide insight into the role of the forensic odontologist in a DVI (disaster victim identification) team

To provide an introduction to software used for information registration, search and comparisons of data following disasters with a large number of victims.

Course structure:

Interaction between lectures covering the theoretical background, and hands-on exercises including PM-examination and registrations, AM-registrations, and a mock-accident providing introduction to data entry and search strategies in DVI5 software system.

Special topics: PM-examination; PM radiology, clinical photography, special investigations


Aspects of age estimation

Anthropological aspects of identification

Introduction to other primary identifiers (fingerprints, DNA)

DVI principles; reconciliation and conclusion

DVI, major accidents

Occupational aspects of forensic odontology

Short introduction to entomology in forensic sciences

Participants: Dentists with special interest in Forensic Odontology, with or without previous knowledge and/or experience

Language: English

Location:The department of Forensic Medicine, University of Aarhus , Denmark
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Dates: 16-3-202017-3-202018-3-202019-3-202020-3-2020
Duration:5 Days
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