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Ideals was established in 2000 In Leuven and we had congresses all over the world – we were in the UK(London), Denmark (Copenhagen), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Firenze), Finland (Helsinki), USA (Omaha and Chicago), Canada (Toronto), South Africa (Cape Town) and this year Back to Belgium – Leuven.

This congress will focus on Dental Ethics and the evaluation of dental damage

The main topic this year is Vulnerability. Thursday and Friday

It will include a discussion about patients with disabilities and patients with disadvantage due to poverty and displacement. Patient vulnerability to overtreatment or undertreatment due to economic or evolutionary changes in dentistry

We will go as broad as possible to include the relation between the patient, the dentist and the community. All papers about ethical issues will be accepted.

Friday and Saturday Dental Damage (in case of traffic accidents, malpractice, accidents at work), In and Out of Courts – procedures. The role of the Dental experts, and the role of insurance companies and their dental advisors. Rights of the victims and duties of the insurance companies. Is there such a thing as ethical rules for insurance companies?.

Working together with different experts, specializations in different fields, attracting victims through publicity. Actions that are legally, ethically, and scientifically correct.

The Dental Law Partnership will explain how they are working in defending patients in negligence (malpractice) cases in the UK over the last 22 years. The DLP has dentists and lawyers in the same group and they are very successful

Case reports – Are there differences in the handling of claims. Importance of legal aid insurance. Which system is used mostly in your country- preference for out of court settlement or for bringing the cases to court? What is the role of the Insurance Companies? Does “Assurance oblige” still apply?

Location:Leuven, Belgium
Type:Congress (face-to-face)
Website:click here
Dates: 8-9-20229-9-202210-9-2022
Duration:3 days
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