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Guidance from the Royal College of Pathologists (Posted March 2020)

The Royal College of Pathologists have released guidance following the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection. It is produced to aid mortuary staff and pathologists in deciding if a post mortem is appropriate on a possible COVID-19 death and to advise them on the possible risks associated with such a case and how to reduce these risks. It is recommended that all Forensic Odontologists undertaking identification of the deceased (from whatever cause) familiarise themselves with this briefing which can be found at:

This is the version 1, which is current at 26.03.20. and may, of course, be updated in the future.

In the light of the increasing mortality and morbidity due to Covid-19, members conducting identification cases are advised to satisfy themselves that the personal cross-infection protection measures at the mortuary are adequate.

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