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The British Association for Forensic Odontology

Last updated 05.10.14.

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Welcome to the Association's website.

BAFO exists to encourage education and good practice in forensic odontology and accredit, review performance and mentor practitioners in forensic odontology.

On this site, you will find a guide to forensic odontology, some useful forensic resources, a list of recommended forensic odontology courses , textbooks and extensive links for those in, or interested in forensic odontology (forensic dentistry). National and International forensic meetings are also listed.

Police, Coroners, Solicitors and others requiring professional services are directed towards our members' list of Forensic Odontologists conforming to our Code of Conduct. Odontologists are listed by region.

You can also find information about forthcoming (and past) meetings and a list of officers of the Association.

Please consider joining the association by following this link. Please read the FAQ's first here.
If you need to email the association on other matters, please use this link.


* PLEASE SEE here FOR FURTHER (mainly International) MEETINGS.*

BAFO Conference 2014

Will take place on the 14th and 15th Nov 2014 and will be held at Aston University Conference facilities in Birmingham..Their web site is here
See the meetings page for details of the program. Booking Form

AGM for 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the British Association for Forensic Odontology will be held Aston University Conference facilities in Birmingham, at 4.30pm on Friday 14th November 2014.

Items for any other business or any comments on proposed amendments should be sent to the Honorary Secretary, John Rosie, by Friday 31st October 2014.

DCP's and mass disasters
There has been an unprecedented response to the call for DCP's interested in becoming involved in mass disasters.
At this time, we have sufficient numbers and therefore applications are now closed.
Thank you for your interest and sorry that you may have been disappointed.

The London Atlas of tooth development is now available to download in PDF format. It has been produced in several languages with additional languages to follow. The Atlas is subject to copyright but may be freely used for teaching and individual learning purposes. The link is here which now includes new and free interactive software

The Coroners and Justice Bill (2009) came into effect on 25th July 2013
See here for further details.

Images - The updated collection of Forensic Images (2009 V2), useful for lecturing, is now available to members on CD Rom and in slide format from Ron Foden (see officers link for contact details).

General Interest - Please go to the very informative (and currently being updated) Forensic Dentistry Online link to find out more.

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